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Facts of Using Top Tier Gasoline

September 26, 2013

Car manufacturers list the fuel recommendations for each automobile model in the owner’s manuals. Most drivers continue to choose the cheapest gas, rather than the one that is best for their car. Top Tier gasoline was developed by four major car companies: BMW, Honda, General Motors and Toyota. They wanted to increase the detergent level in gasoline and improve performance in the process. It is not a brand. It is gasoline that meets higher standards for performance and engine cleaning. The resulting it is better for vehicles in several ways.

• Follows a set of standards for gas, developed by the four automakers

• Detergents in the gas clean deposits from the engine.

• Top Tier gasoline contains more detergents, so engines stay cleaner

• Cleaner engines are more efficient and burn less fuel

• Cleaner, more efficient engines provide more power and acceleration

• Cleaner engines burn fuel efficiently and create fewer emissions

• Higher-end vehicles especially run better

The creators of Top Tier gasoline standards believed the current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for detergents in gasoline were too weak. Most manufacturers were creating products that met the minimum standards but no more.

• Low detergent gasoline allows buildup of deposits on critical engine parts.

• Deposits in the engine cause stalling, rough idling, slow acceleration and more

• Dirty engines get lower gas mileage than clean engines

• Dirty engines create more harmful emissions and negative environmental effects

• Dirty engines generate less power and performance than Top Tier gasoline.

• It increases detergent for all octane grades of gasoline.

• It may contain up to 10 percent ethanol by volume

Gasoline retailers must meet high standards of Top Tier with all their gasoline grades be approved by the automakers as providers of detergent gasoline.

• Fuel marketers pay an annual fee based on their number of stations to use the their designation.

• They must complete rigorous testing for engines and fuel injector cleaning with their gasoline before they can call themselves Top Tier.

• Retailers have to treat all their gasoline at the contracted level.

• They cannot change the detergent level of any of their gasoline or they violate their Top Tier contract.

• Fuel marketers must submit testing and performance data on their gasoline to be approved for the their program.

Car owners can check the website to get a complete list of Top Tier fuel retailers.

Finding out the benefits of this, will make it an easier decision when purchase fuel for your car.

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