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When to Change Your Brake Pads

April 30, 2013

When to Change Your Brake Pads

The brakes of a car are the most essential parts when a car is moving. This is because I cannot imagine a different means that would naturally and smoothly stop my Mercedes when am doing 180 on the freeway when I choose to as the brakes do. It is the most important to my safety when my car is moving. I therefore think that any driver should pay lots of attention on when to change the braking system of the car.

What would happen if you neglected your braking system?

This would lead result in increased repair costs or brake failure, which could be disastrous. However, there are brake wear signs which you can pay attention to keep your maintenance at its best, save money and protect your car from bumping into the driver in front of you. Here are great indicators:

1. An obvious indicator of worn out brake pads is the sound of a high pitched squeal when your car comes to a stop. This sound is made by a metal indicator that is fixed to the pad by manufacturer. When this metal comes to contact with the rotor, you need to replace your brake pads.

2. At times, you might not hear the noise either because you have low cost pads or they fell off due to rust. You will therefore need other indicators.

3. Pay attention to how long it takes your car to stop when you step on the brakes. If it takes some time, you need to change your brake pads.

4. It is a good idea to regularly check your pads as well by physically removing the wheels and examining them. It would help you plan for new brake pads if you need to.

5. Checking the rotors is a bit trickier. This is because they can last several brake pad sets before calling for replacement. On average, they work through two or three brake pad sets.

6. If your steering wheel wiggles when your car comes to a stop, the rotors might be “warped” and might need to be swapped.

7. You could talk to your mechanic as well who might “turn the rotors, if this is possible.

8. Take a good look at your manufacturer’s guidelines on replacing of brake pads. Your car will be in good shape if you abide by them.

9. Take a look at the warranted life of the pads your car has. If you have 5,000 mile brake pads, you need to replace them after each 5,000 miles (low quality pads last about 10,000 miles though).

10. If you find yourself replacing your rotors often, you would need to switch to slotted versions.

11. If your car is becoming old, pay attention to the callipers (the brackets which hold the pads and push them against the rotor).

12. The calliper’s pistons might get sticky and cause a drag after leaving the brakes.

13. Replacing the callipers might not be as easy as one would think, this is because you will need to break the pressure seal and remove the brake fluid.

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