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5 Benefits of having Nitrogen Tires!!

December 26, 2012
5 Benefits of having Nitrogen Tires!!

By: Jennifer Hulbert

The most important aspect of our vehicle is our tires.  Good tires are needed for proper inflation without which our vehicle would suffer from gas mileage and lesser traction. Most people have begun to use nitrogen in their tires instead of compressed air. It definitely is more costly but the benefits outweigh the costs in a really big way. Given below are the main reasons why Nitrogen is a great gas to inflate your tires.

1. Less Pressure Loss– The rubber which is used for one’s vehicles tires is not completely air tight and over time air penetrates through the material which creates less pressure on the tire. This is a problem as when one’s driving you would want to maintain steady pressure to get the best traction possible. Nitrogen has a very low rate of permeation so it won’t create such pressure loss like the compressed air so one can drive a several hundred more miles without worrying about having to air up again as opposed to a vehicle using compressed air.

2. Long lasting Tires – As one drives the friction created from the rubber tires moving alongside the road surface tends to create high temperatures. These high temperatures cause the tread on the tires to wear off. If you ever look at an old wire that has worn off you would see where the treads have worn and the rubber starts to crack, that’s the indication that the tire is dead. Nitrogen on the other hand is cooler than compressed air.

3. Tire wear – Using a Nitrogen Tire also promotes tire wear. Even when the tread starts to wear out you would not experience a blow out if the tire is damaged.  The worst thing that would happen would be a flat tire. Many cities use nitrogen in their vehicles like police cars and ambulances are all on nitrogen tires.

4. No Rim Oxidation – A lot many people spend a lot of money on their rims. With oxygen filled tires one will find those water vapors that escape that’s the nature of how oxygen works and nothing much can be done about it.  Over time this can lead to oxidation and rusting of the rims. Nitrogen on the other hand contains no water so there is no problem of dealing with water vapors.

5. Better Driving – Nitrogen tires helps keep your vehicle on the road longer. With compressed air you will have to keep worrying about the inflation level decreasing.  Since there is no such problem with Nitrogen tires you will have a better surface traction.  This creates a safer driving experience especially during harsh weather conditions.

Another fact about nitrogen is that it’s not flammable unlike Oxygen which is a flammable gas and Nitrogen is also extinguishable.  When there is a vehicle fire, ruptured air filled tires fuels the fire but the Nitrogen filled tires slows down the fire.

The bottom line is that proper tire pressure is important and using of Nitrogen tire for inflation is not just practical but it’s necessary.

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