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11 Must-Knows About Tire Replacement

September 26, 2012

11 Must-Knows About Tire Replacement

By Jennifer Hulbert

Tire replacement is an essential part of the safety of you car. The safety of the passengers in your car is highly dependent on the condition of your engine as well as the condition of your them. It is therefore important to know when to replace tires.

It is speculated that about 400 of the accidents that happen annually in the US are linked to their failure. The failures are normally due to the failure of the performance of the tires. You should therefore be on the look out for any signs and know when to replace the tires.

The tips below will be useful in helping you know when to replace tires and improve safety to your car.

1. The treads of them are a good indication of need of replacement. They normally divert water that would come in contact with the surface of it as the car moves. This therefore improves the traction on wet roads. It is therefore important to take note of the tire replacement tread depth as an indication.

2. One way of measuring the treads is by using the penny test or using a tread depth indicator, it is easily available compared to the penny.

3. What should the legal requirement of the tread depth be? In the US and the UK, the minimum requirement of tires to be considered worn out is 1.6mm. Such a depth should be a legal call for replacement.

4. You should also watch out for irregular tread wear before making a choice on when to replace them. It is an indication of wheel misalignment. This calls for rotation before considering when to replace tires.

5. Without considering tire replacement tread depth, you can use your car manufacturer’s guidelines. The general requirement on when one needs to replace the tires is after around six years. The maximum period is ten years. However, I would recommend you check with the manufacturer’s guidelines first.

6. When it comes to four-wheel-drive vehicles, apart from using the tire replacement tread depth, all the four tires should be replaced at the same time.

7. In case your front tires have uneven wear, it is possible that there is misalignment. This should therefore be checked or have the front tires rotated with the rear tires.

8. There are minimal chances of perfectly even wear on a tire. Therefore, before choosing to go for tire replacement measure the depths at various points of the tire.

9. When considering when to replace your tires, it is recommended to perform tire replacement of all the tires at the same time. This is quite handy after testing them. If you have mismatched tires, you will have mismatched safety on your tires.

10. Check the amount of pressure on all of your tires. Most tires have these requirements written on them.

11. Tires tend to wear faster in warm climates. Under such conditions, tire replacement tread depth should therefore be considered more regularly as one watches out for when to replace tires.

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