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Electrical Diagnostics Tools

June 26, 2012

Electrical Diagnostics Tools

Modern cars come with complex electrical systems meaning that electrical diagnostics tools are needed in the repair and maintenance. That being said, the following are some of the most common auto diagnostic tools you will find in most auto electric repair shops.

1.   Digital motor checker

This is a vehicle diagnostic tool used in the maintenance of inbuilt electrical systems without any dismantling having to be done. This device helps in detecting problems that may result in tripping and therefore compromised electrics.
A technician will use it for:
·      Insulation resistance testing – This helps in ascertaining insulation integrity and therefore prevent leakages which can result in injuries.

·      Detection of rotor bar faults

·      Ascertaining the integrity of the of the motor to determine whether more tests and repairs are necessary

·      Detections of loose connections and problems in the circuitry in the winding coil

This auto diagnostic repair tool comes with one of these two options: rechargeable batteries or electric chargers.
2.   Analog electric motor checker
This highly portable vehicle diagnostic tool is necessary in the repair and maintenance of three-phase machines. A technician will also use this auto diagnostic tool prior to installation to make sure that circuitry is completely sound. Some of the faults that it helps in detecting include:
·      Open circuits

·      Loose connections

·      Faulty installations

·      Rotor flaws

·      Short circuits

All the above mean that electricity is either flowing inefficiently in the system or not at all. If not detected early on and fixed, the entire machine will deteriorate at a faster rate meaning that more expensive repairs and replacements will be needed.
3.   Engine analyzer
This vehicle diagnostic tool is absolutely essential in any car repair shop. It is used to test important aspects of any engine like primary and secondary ignition timing, carburetor integrity, soundness of the battery charging system, emission levels, efficiency of the fuel system etc. The engine analyzer is also called a scope and is very useful in subsequent tuning procedures after a complete overhaul.

This auto electric repair tool consists of many parts that help in completing the above functions as efficiently as possible. The engine analyzer has the following built in components:

·      Timing light

·      Ammeter

·      Ohmmeter

·      Vacuum pump and gauge

·      Oscilloscope

·      Pressure gauge

·      Exhaust analyzer etc.

All these components can be used in the most common engine types i.e. both diesel and gas powered.
4.   3D wheel aligner
This auto diagnostic tool prevents accidents and allows more efficient use of tires and fuel. Most car repair shops have one of these because they help in saving a lot of any client’s money. This auto electric repair tool consists of 3D cameras that track a vehicle’s wheel movement and positioning from any height.
Some functions like rolling compensation can be done without having to lift the car off the ground meaning that readings and subsequent adjustments are done in a very short time.
A 3D wheel aligner has quite a number of components built into it, some of which include:
·      Drive on camera aid

·      VIN scanner

·      Steering angle sensor

·      Universal wheel clamps etc.

In a nutshell, electrical diagnostics is becoming more efficient and necessary as vehicle electrics get more complex.
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